Captain Ben Fawcett has bought an unusual taxi and has begun a new service.
The taxi is a small Swiss aeroplane called a 'Pilatus Poter'.
This wonderful plane can carry seven passengers.
The most surprising thing about it, however, is that it can land anywhere: on snow, water, or even on a ploughed field.
Captain Fawcett's first passenger was a doctor who flew from Birmingham to a lonely village in the Welsh mountains.
Since then, Captain Fawcett has flown passengers to many unusual places.
Once he landed on the roof of a block of flats, and on another occasion, he landed in a deserted car park.
Captain Fawcett has just refused a strange request from a businessman.
The man wanted to fly to Rockall, a lonely island in the Atlantic Ocean, but Captain Fawcett did not take him because the trip was too dangerous.

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